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Video animations

2D and 3D Video animations

2D and 3D Video animations

Implementing ideas creatively and successfully

Video animations explain and sell better than illustrated text pages. Tell the story of your company or product in a unique and exciting way!

Videos bring your website to life and create exciting, interactive web content with a whole new visual and emotional depth. With video animations you can also create a completely new web experience and break new ground on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Co.

2D / 3D Animations

Once your storyboards are defined, we effortlessly create evocative video sequences for your business that give you a complete overview of your company and team.

Explanatory videos

Explanatory videos are videos that explain how something is done or how something works, or explain abstract concepts and correlations.

Transparent and fair prices

Reference videos for video animations

Not sure which one fits your video requirements the best? We have prepared a few video examples for you!

Interested in a TV commercial?

TV advertising is different from online videos. We at Digital Marketing Switzerland can also do that. TV advertisements are offered individually. Contact us for a non-binding offer.

Do you need a consultation for a video animation?

You would like to implement a video or film project? We will help you further. Contact us and we will support you with your next project. We convert your ideas into video productions.

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